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Hello, welcome to Premium Portable Washrooms Ltd. We specialize in providing portable toilet rentals to Calgary and surrounding area (Our partners service Western Canada). We have the cleanest, and most cost effective solution for your company when it comes to providing clean, safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly portable toilets. Click here to learn about the advantages of using our service, and read testimonials from our customers and users.

All-season portable bathroom facilities feature the following;

1) Running water with sinks and porcelin toilets
2) heated for winter use (-40C) & hot water heaters
3) three litre flushing toilets
4) auto shut-off faucets
5) private facilities (ladies/mens)
6) lighting inside and outside of unit
7) locking doors
8) self contained 5' x 8' footprint
9) high output ventilation

10 ) electric heat


A) health & safety improves
B) urinals
C) mobility to move around your location(s)
D) keeps your crew on site if they need a washroom break (improve productivity)
E) Crane hooks (for roof top use)
F) CSA approved (Canadian Standards Association seal of approval)


We can provide delivery of our units, and we can move your units when you need them relocated. We provide friendly customer support. If you have any questions about our units, and our rates, feel free to contact us.

Floor Plan (mens and womens)


External View


Sewer Management & Electrical (110v)


Efficient, Comfortable, Hygienic Toilets

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